Wednesday, October 31, 2012


So maybe October is a bad month for me to do more than one project. I had a horror movie watching marathon all this month where I watch as many horror movies as possible. I'm doing okay, but not as well as I would like. I also meant to get back on the vegan wagon, but failed. I was reminded this morning when I wasn't feeling well and contribute it to the cow's milk in my cereal. It's a horrible cycle and I was hoping to finally get things together and get my health and complete veganmofo this year.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Stomach Issues

I am not sure what is upsetting my stomach, but the last two days I have had the constant feeling of something isn't right with my stomach. Anyone, who has intolerance issues with food might be familiar with this feeling I have dealing with. I have little appetite and what I have been eating shouldn't cause any issues, but it has. Never have I felt uncomfortable after eating apples and peanut butter. I am not sure if I have been eating something that my body isn't liking right now or if I am starting to get a sensitive stomach. Just a lot of questions I am not sure what is going on.

I'm trying to drink so camomile tea, but so far it's too hot and a kind of tea that I have never been found of. Peppermint and Irish Breakfast are the teas I will drink usually sometimes sleepytime, but not camomile.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Have...


At least this is what I am calling it. You know when you eat something that you either regret or something you know you should it, but give in to only feel bad about it later. I have this problem often. I have an issue with dairy products, hence one of the reasons I am planning on going back to being vegan. I know I cannot handle them or too much of it yet I always go ahead and eat whatever it is and then regret it either right after or shortly after. I'll spare you the details. 

It's not only food with dairy it's other nonvegan food too. I some times don't think about want I am putting in my mouth and just eat it because it's there. Yes, I know it's bad. Then afterwards I start feeling guilty and wish I had eaten something else. I'm sure vegas have this issue with vegan junk food. 

So this is why I want to switch over to vegan and to help me I'm using this book

Actually for VeganMOFO which I will hopefully actually finish this time I'll be doing this book and blogging about it. 

So stay tune for next month of nothing but vegan....

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gardien Review

I have not been big on eating mock meats. I have found very few that taste good and it's usually because I'm thinking that the mock meat will taste like their meat counterparts. I think that's the issue for a lot of people that they don't taste like the meat products they are use to. I haven't tried them all, but I had two different ones and both were good. Even though they did not taste like the meat I use to like they still tasted good enough where I didn't mind. My son was even enjoying the tenders and kept asking for more.

I had the tenders which I over cooked a bit, but they still tasted good. I didn't have any vegan dressing or dipping sauce so I used normal ranch... yes I know I hope to completely be vegan here soon. I would cook them a little less and try some homemade dipping sauce... any suggestions?

With the mandarin orange one I happen to find some stir-fry rice and veggies in our freezer. So I cook both, which was more than I was planning on eating. Again this tasted good even if it didn't taste like the mandarin/orange chicken you might get at an Asian restaurant. I cannot wait to have the rest of it today for lunch.

So if you aren't big on mock meat then give gardein a try. You might be surprised, plus the have tons of recipes and an app so you can see what products they have and the recipes will be handy.

Update: I didn't get to finish the rest of my mandarin orange chickn. My dad ate it thinking it was some leftover dinner from two nights ago. He had no idea it wasn't chicken.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Vegan and Yoga

I have to say every time I start thinking about getting back into being a vegan I start thinking about getting back into yoga. I'm not sure why there is a connection for me and I know that others as well enjoy both. I did yoga for roughly 4 years, but haven't done it since 2007. The last one was up in Oregon and I didn't enjoy it as much as I did down here in Phoenix. I'm not sure if it's the instructor or what it was. Also the class was huge and I didn't get the one-on-one help like my other two instructors were good at.

I miss it because I think it helped with me being healthier and slimmer. Plus I needed to work on my flexibility. I discover that a lot of my pain issues was due to tight muscles that never got stretched... yeah I cannot touch my toes without bending my knees to about 45 degrees. I have looked into becoming a certified yoga teacher, but the classes and certification are so expensive, plus I don't even know where I would work. I also cannot do a lot of moves so that doesn't help me be a good teacher.

To add to it today I saw that Groupon has a really good deal on yoga classes in downtown Mesa. $10 for 10 classes ($100 value) and 25 classes for $25. That is $1 per class... yeah a good deal. I did the 10 because if I read it right you have to do the classes in one month... I don't think I could do 25 in a month, but 10 is doable. It looks like a nice studio and offers the kinds of yoga I would enjoy and I can mix it up between them. Plus I can try the studio out and see if it's worth going to more.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Addiction with Soda

That title sounds like it belongs to an A&E show... actually I am just assuming that. i don't have cable and have never watched any of those shows like Hoarders or Intervention. But talking about my addiction to soda would belong on such a program if most people deemed it an addiction. I would have said caffeine and soda are not a drug or addicting until I realized just recently how much I drink and how I came to become so addicted to it.

Growing up my parents didn't allow us to have junk food or soda. We were eating your average family meals and dessert every now and then, but junk food a soda were something we were allowed to have only sometimes. The junk food thing went away when my parents took over a small vending machine business when I was in grade school, but soda was still something I wasn't allowed to have. I think Blue Sky was the only soda we could have without having to fight our mom on it.

So how did I become so addicted to soda especially Coke-Cola... I blame high school and college. Why?! Because this is when I started to sleep either not enough you know how those slumber parties were. No one got any sleep and you'd show up to school way too tired to make it through English class. Then in college you actually had to study and would stay up all night so you had to drink something to help keep you awake. In comes caffeine to mess things up. I will say to this day I reach for a can of Coke when I am feeling tired and need a pick me up... let me tell you it does not work anymore for me. And I think that is were the trouble started. At first it worked on making me feel awake, if it actually was working who knows, but I thought it did and that's all that mattered. As I got older and my body started to change during my pregnancy with my son and after I notice it didn't feel the same when I was exhausted because my son didn't want to go to bed and I needed something to help force me awake. 

The other thing that has lead to my soda addiction is the carbonation and taste. I love the taste of Coke (I think it tastes better in Europe than here in the US, weird I know, but there is a taste difference) and sometimes I do crave that taste. I have tried other sodas and ways of getting it without drinking... lets say 8 cans a day, but it just doesn't work. I have a soadstream that I hardly use, right now the CO2 cartridge is making everything taste off. The cola syrup tastes horrible. I rather drink Blue Sky's cola than this stuff. My doctor told me to take sparkling water like Pierre and add emergency to it to make my own soda. Yeah, just because you use orange emergency doesn't mean it will taste like orange soda.

I know soda is one of the hardest things for people to give up yet it seems to be an issue for causing us to gain weight. I've tried so many times to stop drinking it in the last year or two, but always fail at it. I think I might have found something that could replace soda for me other than switching to all natural soda like Blue Sky.

Meet Neuro

My mom happen to buy this stuff and we had the sonic and the bliss at home. I tried them both and was really surprised how well they tasted. They are lightly carbonated and it's enough to fool me into thinking I am drinking soda. While none of them have a cola flavor I think I could drink these when I need a soda and only drink a Coke every once in a while. They even have a Sun one to give you vitamin d which you need... where was this when I moved to Oregon?! Also, looking at sugar and carbs it's pretty low around 24 instead of 32 on sugar alone for a Coke. There's even a handy app where you can ready what each one does and decide which on you need and where to find a store that sells them... unfortunately it doesn't list any places near me, but I think that's just a mistake. And yes, the one called Gasm is for sexual health so now you don't feel like a pervert. 

The only issue I see with switching to these is drinking 4 or 5 in a day, which probably isn't too good for me either. So how does one stop drinking soda or lessen the amount of soda they drink without doing it cold turkey or trying to drink a can or two a day, which can turn into drinking more because you have allowed yourself to drink one a day. 

Anyone have any suggestions?

The 30 Day Vegan Challenge

I am not sure how many times I have mentioned about trying to go back to being vegan. Not so much for the animal rights, but my health. I was vegetarian and vegan for about 6 years before I got pregnant and threw it all away. I haven't been feeling my healthiest and noticing some issues that are new to me since going back to eating animal products. I may not have been the healthiest veg*n, but I was doing a lot better than I am now.

I bought about oh 3 or more months ago Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's The 30 Day Vegan Challenge book. I don't think I ever read through it just skimmed through it to see what was in it. So I think if I am to take this serious I need to read through this book and maybe join the website she has for it and try to make the changes I want to see in myself and health.

I had had thoughts as to foods I need to learn to make or the stuff I need to buy so I don't run into the I gave nothing to eat and switch back an omnivore and give up. Not what I want to have happen.